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First, what is sortitioned leadership?

Sortition is where science meets politics.  Sortition is a voluntary citizen draft to federal political office. Sortition is a grass roots finding tool.  It mathematically and scientifically duplicates, in smaller populations, the larger America.  Sortition chooses leadership by lottery.  It does not discriminate, period.  There is no gender, ethnic, economic, religious, or political discrimination.  It goes a big step further. There is also no discrimination by “resume”, “education”, “intelligence”, “beauty”, or “charisma”.  Sortition finds 100% grass roots America, the bottom line, the common sense, the no-holds-barred America.

The primary mission of government is to set priorities.  Priorities determine law, policy, and enforcement.  Faulty priority creates failed law, bad policy, and misguided enforcement.  Faulty priority leads to failure.

The primary mission of sortitioned leadership is not law, policy, or enforcement.  It is the input and maintenance of proper government priority and genuine grass-roots civilian culture…

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