Jill Stein on Change: Not Just Something to Believe In

If Pres. Obama and the Democrats talked this talk and walked this walk, they would be giving me something to vote for. Come to think of it, that’s exactly what Jill Stein of the Green Party is giving me.

4 thoughts on “Jill Stein on Change: Not Just Something to Believe In

  1. Chris – I love to think that your work in supporting Jill’s campaign can bring her some well deserved votes! The “spoiler” effect is scary but at some point we must simply determine to vote our conscience rather than our fears. Rosalie Paul, Georgetown, Maine

    • Rosalie,

      Thanks for your comment. I know exactly what you mean about the “spoiler” effect, which may be more relevant in Maine (where we saw what it did in your last gubenatorial election!). Of course, New York, where I live, will almost certainly go for Obama, so my one vote for Stein will have almost no effect on anyone or anything but my conscience.

      Thanks very much for reading and commenting on my blog.


      • Theoretically, your vote for Stein could contribute to getting the Green Party 5% nationwide and qualify it for some federal funds the next time around. Very remote chance, but it’s something.

        • Kitchenmudge, you make an excellent point. I don’t think Stein will be getting nearly enough votes for that, but I’m proud to contribute to even that modest goal, rather than wasting my vote on someone who is just going to bring on more of the same. Time for real change, not just feel-good slogans.

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