Profiling in Oslo

I just came upon this amazing paragraph from a right-wing blog, referring to yesterday’s terrorist attacks in Oslo and Utøya:

I happened to be listening to the radio this morning, as the periodic news updates about the tragedy began coming in.  The first report said that the police had apprehended a “blue eyed suspect’.  A later teaser described the suspect as “an anti Islamic Fundamentalist”.  By noon they referred to him as a “Christian fundamentalist”.  Switch any of these descriptions and tell me if the narrative would fly.  What media outlet would ever dare to describe a suspect as a Middle Eastern, anti Christian, Muslim fundamentalist, even if the evidence overwhelmingly pointed in that direction?

You’ve got to be kidding, even though this is no subject to kid about. The New York Times, CNN, The BBC, to name three “liberal media” outlets, were right out of the gate making connections between the Oslo bombings and al Qaeda and other Islamist groups, even naming names of likely suspects in Norway (for example one associated with an Iraqi Kurdish imam there). For the first several hours of the breaking story, listeners were pumped with what turned out to be totally irrelevant facts about Norway’s and Oslo’s Muslim citizens.

You must have come to the news late. The media very slowly let go of the standard Muslim suspect line. It was all very reminiscent of the Oklahoma City bombing, which I know many of you on the right regard with some nostalgia. It’s interesting, isn’t it, how people of certain views or even just certain ethnicities get typecast by association with terrorists in the neighborhood of their flock.

3 thoughts on “Profiling in Oslo

  1. You might find this article interesting:

    I particularly liked the Fox news headline that was around all that day. To paraphrase, it was: “Puzzling Portrait Emerges of Oslo Gunman”. Puzzling portrait? How is it puzzling? Because he has light skin and had no scraggly beard?

    It traces this particular disinformation. Basically, a person or organization who commits acts of terror is a terrorist if they are Muslim, and just “a madman” if not (and if the organization is large enough and flies an American flag, then its a liberating force).

  2. “Puzzling Portrait Emerges!” That cracked me up! You can see the FOXers scratching their heads and asking each other questions like, “WTF, do they make blonde Muslims?”

    (I didn’t call this site Tragic Farce for nothing!)

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