Profiling in Oslo

I just came upon this amazing paragraph from a right-wing blog, referring to yesterday’s terrorist attacks in Oslo and Utøya:

I happened to be listening to the radio this morning, as the periodic news updates about the tragedy began coming in.  The first report said that the police had apprehended a “blue eyed suspect’.  A later teaser described the suspect as “an anti Islamic Fundamentalist”.  By noon they referred to him as a “Christian fundamentalist”.  Switch any of these descriptions and tell me if the narrative would fly.  What media outlet would ever dare to describe a suspect as a Middle Eastern, anti Christian, Muslim fundamentalist, even if the evidence overwhelmingly pointed in that direction?

You’ve got to be kidding, even though this is no subject to kid about. Continue reading

“Executed in cold blood, as a possible political strategy to cripple a political party decades in the future.”

Internet civil libertarian Rick Falkvinge of Sweden’s “Pirate Party,” which stands for, among other things, copyright minimalism, has written a chillingly perceptive post on his blog about yesterday’s slaughter of the innocents on Utøya by Norwegian Christian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik. Continue reading