A Country Doctor Diagnoses What’s Wrong with Obama

And offers a prescription for real change we can believe in.

There used to be a lot more of this wisdom among grass roots activists in America. I like the ideas of Dr. Joe Mason. You like them? You can write to him here.

One thought on “A Country Doctor Diagnoses What’s Wrong with Obama

  1. Thanks for sharing.

    Here’s a man who without vitriol, holds our President accountable to answer some basic and reasonable questions.

    Whether you’re right leaning or left leaning, I think one will agree our country is facing a new challenge brought on by many converging forces and crises – and yes, some of them are self-inflicted.

    What I find disturbing is that it seems no one has stepped forward that can inspire us to work together and solve our problems.

    What I find saddening is to see so many fellow Americans from both sides of the aisle questioning if we are past a point of “no return” and that this country is just going to continue in its doldrums.

    What I find convincing is that there was a combination of banks that were “too big to fail” and a government that was “too big to succeed” that got us to this point. What I mean by “too big” is not the usual Republican/Libertarian concern of tax and spend, etc.

    What I mean is that the power plays and money that is at stake at the national, political level is too much for us as a people. Not only are we an empire overextended, we are an empire internally bloated. Each party of this political duopoly we have tolerated for so long has lined its own pockets and rewarded those in their favor in a way that has sidelined We the People.

    Anyway, I hope this makes sense, Christof. You may disagree on the “too big to succeed” opinion, But I think we’re unwittingly reaching a limit (even if there wasn’t a revenue or debt/borrowing problem) on what our national government can or should do for us.


    Joe Z.

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