I was hacked.

Some soulless creep who nicked my password from Twitter has exploited a security weakness of mine (advice to all: mix up your passwords!) to hack into several of my accounts and use it as a base for his spam.

Gods help you if you followed that link:

l espritd  ecordoue.o rg/com.frie nd.php?a gluck y=76i1 This is what it looked like. (I’ve disarmed it. Don’t follow it!)

I’m looking at the stats for my site today and I see that two people who came here clicked on that link.

This is a good opportunity for  me to tell you that I would never write such an obvious spammy title for a post as “I know about your problems and just want to help you.” If I were to ever use that as a title, you can bet it would be ironic–not ironic in the sense of appearing to be sincerely about a link that could “help” you  but actually being about a link where you will go to pick up spyware and malware from some lowlife spammer or ID thief.  I mean it would be ironic in a way that you would know instantly was ironic. It might well be about my contempt for anyone who uses the internet to troll for marks and victims.

In any case, I want to make clear that I don’t intend to use this website to sell anything, least of all dietary supplements, penis enlargers, replica watches, naked pictures of Scarlet Johannsen, or get-rich-quick schemes. So please, if you see anything like that on this site, assume some waste of space has hacked me. And don’t click on the link!

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